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Jim A.

I am a retired truck driver. My wife, Donna, was also a truck driver. We live in Northern California. I am also a musician and my wife, Donna sings. Donna and I owned a night club in Modesto where she tended bar and I sang lead with a five piece band. In the 60s, I traveled with different bands as lead singer.
As a hobby, I write and record songs and poems. We sing all kinds of songs but primarily country. We spend much of our time now singing and playing music at local area Jam Sessions. Occassionaly we donate time entertaining senior citizens. We are, also, gold prospectors. We look for (and find) placer gold in different creeks and streams in this area.

I am VERY opinionated ! -- I know right from wrong and am always eager to say which is which. -- I love my country and understand it was created with Christian Ethical Standards. -- I have never knowingly harmed anyone but would willingly fight and, if necessary,die (or kill) to defend my family and country.
I am an Aquarian, born in the year of the Rat. Donna is a Scorpio, born in the same year.(1936) What a team!!

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